Checking a New Property for Noise

New Property Noise – Prospective Home Buyers or Renters Our noise surveys have shown that living in close proximity to neighbours is likely to increase your chances of suffering from noise problems. With more and more properties being squeezed into smaller spaces and the country becoming increasingly populated we all need to be wise toContinue reading “Checking a New Property for Noise”

Who is Most Likely to Complain About Noise?

Who is most likely to complain about noise? This article provides some more information about the people who complain about noise. We’ve provided plenty of information previously, following our noise surveys, that highlights the problems that people in densely populated areas suffer with. More recently we looked into the age and gender profiles of peopleContinue reading “Who is Most Likely to Complain About Noise?”

Planning for Noise is Child’s Play

Planning for Noisy Children We regularly receive enquiries citing concerns about childrens’ play areas and noisy children; including outdoor sports areas, playgrounds and, even, nurseries. ‘The sound of from children playing – what could be so terrible about that?’ you may ask. Well, nothing in itself, but if a well-meaning local Councillor decided that aContinue reading “Planning for Noise is Child’s Play”

A Night Out with the Noise Police

A Night Out with the Noise Police We recently spent a night out with the noise police (or as they are more accurately referred to the “environmental health officers”) on one of their weekend night shifts. We joined them in a predominantly urban local authority area in the south of England (Glasgow have also made account of their own experience). Fewer CouncilsContinue reading “A Night Out with the Noise Police”

Guide to Live and Amplified Music

Live Music Noise There have been a number of locally or nationally focused noise control guidance documents produced over the years concerned with live music noise. Some came about to serve a demand for guidance in the assessment and control of noise from premises such as pubs and clubs. One or two others were intendedContinue reading “Guide to Live and Amplified Music”

Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting

Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting Here we have listed some of the myths that are often banded about or repeated in relation to nuisance neighbours and the action taken by investigators. The noise or nuisance needs to affect more than one household. NOT TRUE! Only one person need be affected by an unreasonable situation. The noiseContinue reading “Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting”

When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence

When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence We are so often reminded through the stories in the press of how often noise issues can result in, or be associated with, aggressive or violent behaviour. Dozens of people have died in recent years after being involved in a dispute about neighbour noise. So many neighbour noise casesContinue reading “When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence”

Noise Pollution Times – When is it OK to Make Noise?

Noise Pollution Times – When is it OK? One of the questions that we often get asked is “what time is it OK to make noise until?”. The simple answer to that question is that there is no such time specified in statutory nuisance law for noise pollution times; noise can amount to a nuisanceContinue reading “Noise Pollution Times – When is it OK to Make Noise?”