Guide to Live and Amplified Music

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Live Music Noise

There have been a number of locally or nationally focused noise control guidance documents produced over the years concerned with live music noise. Some came about to serve a demand for guidance in the assessment and control of noise from premises such as pubs and clubs. One or two others were intended to provide a guide to the control of noise from events such as those from festivals or concerts. Many now lack the flexibility necessary to address the diverse set of situations and variable characteristics presented by the music and entertainment industries.

Much of the older practice guidance still in place has not kept in step with modern legislation and will, for example, have been published prior to the Licensing Act, Live Music Act and amendments to the Noise Act coming into force. Whilst a lot of the information contained in these guides remains relevant, some content is no longer in line with current thinking on noise control and modern legislative mechanisms in place; including the need to promote cultural experiences and adopt a risk based approach to the regulation of live music.

Local regulators are faced with a wide variety of potential music venues (including pubs and clubs as well as larger venues) being carried out by people with varying degrees of expertise in noise control and acoustics. A simple risk rating system applying to all activities involving amplified or live music would allow the noise risk in that operation or proposal to be quantified quickly and easily. By identifying the level of risk associated with the operation, if necessary, appropriate noise control measures may then be drawn up and implemented. Thankfully, this guide provides such a solution.

Aimed at operators and local authority enforcement officers, this guide provides a risk based guide to the control of live and amplified music.

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It may be used as a starting point when considering live music proposals and the necessity for noise controls.

It is suitable for music operators, pubs, clubs, events organisers, environmental health officers, licensing officers and licensing solicitors.

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