Am I right to complain about noise?

Have I Got a Noise Problem? Or are you just being overly sensitive? You may think it is a problem but will anyone else? What may be a nuisance to you may not be unreasonable to the average person or a “nuisance” in the legal sense of the word. Nuisance law is based on yearsContinue reading “Am I right to complain about noise?”

When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence

When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence We are so often reminded through the stories in the press of how often noise issues can result in, or be associated with, aggressive or violent behaviour. Dozens of people have died in recent years after being involved in a dispute about neighbour noise. So many neighbour noise casesContinue reading “When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence”

Using White Noise to Aid Sleep

Not all Sound is Noise Real white noise isn’t particularly nice or soothing to listen to and sounds a bit like the static you might encounter when skipping to a blank channel on an old-fashioned television (for those of you who haven’t experienced that think of radio space between channels with an analogue signal). ThereContinue reading “Using White Noise to Aid Sleep”

Positivity is the First Step to Empowerment

Positive Thinking = Empowerment Enough is enough; you’ve decided to tackle your problem neighbour who, has so far, been completely unresponsive to any polite request you’ve made. You are ready to put your head above the parapet and have decided to call in the authorities. Here follows a few tips explaining why remaining positive andContinue reading “Positivity is the First Step to Empowerment”

Rebirth of the Noise App

The “noise app” mobile application for reporting and recording noise complaints was relaunched and became a huge success. We confirmed long ago that the new and updated version will not disappoint and, it seems, that over two hundred service providers (including local authorities and housing associations) agree. RECORD NOISE – APP USERS For users the app isContinue reading “Rebirth of the Noise App”

Sensitivity to Noise – Am I Too Sensitive?

Am I Being Too Sensitive? Here at we tend to be concerned about real problems – those that affect peoples’ personal comfort and well-being (and there are plenty of those!). However, levels of noise vary along with people’s perception of it’s severity. Occasionally,  we come across people who are more sensitive to everyday issuesContinue reading “Sensitivity to Noise – Am I Too Sensitive?”

20 Tips for Forming and Managing an Action or Campaign Group

Setting up a Campaign Group Often people are isolated in their suffering and have no choice but to stick their lone head above the parapet. However, if a number of people are affected by the same issue it doesn’t have to be that way; for example, have you considered forming or setting up a campaign groupContinue reading “20 Tips for Forming and Managing an Action or Campaign Group”

Reducing Noise Caused by Poor Insulation – Part 1

Reduce Noise and Improve Sound Insulation Unless you are one of the lucky ones living in a detached property it is likely that you will share at least one wall or floor/ceiling with your neighbours. Most of us who do live together in relative harmony. However, in some property, often flats or converted property, poorContinue reading “Reducing Noise Caused by Poor Insulation – Part 1”

Not happy with the service you’ve received?

The Council Won’t Deal with My Noise Complaint If you are unhappy with the service provided by your local authority and feel that they can take, or could of taken, action to help you can make a complaint or ask them to reconsider. If you would like the case reviewed or would like a fullerContinue reading “Not happy with the service you’ve received?”

Taking your own action

Noisy Neighbours Law – Going it Alone Whilst we would always advise using your local authority service before resorting to taking your own action against the perpetrator of the noise, there are other options available to you. Included in the range of noisy neighbours law is the “section 82” option. Section 82 of the Environmental ProtectionContinue reading “Taking your own action”