Noise from Machinery and Equipment

Plant and Equipment When it comes to noise generated by plant and equipment there are particular installations that frequently cause complaints. These include: • Air conditioning units or plant;• Refrigeration units or condensing equipment;• Extraction and/or ventilation plant. However, any mechanical, electrical or pneumatic equipment has the potential to cause unnecessary disturbance. The level ofContinue reading “Noise from Machinery and Equipment”

Am I right to complain about noise?

Have I Got a Noise Problem? Or are you just being overly sensitive? You may think it is a problem but will anyone else? What may be a nuisance to you may not be unreasonable to the average person or a “nuisance” in the legal sense of the word. Nuisance law is based on yearsContinue reading “Am I right to complain about noise?”

Collecting Evidence

Evidence is Key Success in enforcement depends largely upon the strength of the evidence you and the enforcement agency collect. Firstly, you must be able to persuade the enforcement body that you are suffering from a significant problem that warrants formal action. Secondly, in order to be able to take enforcement action, a substantial bodyContinue reading “Collecting Evidence”

Licensing Representations and Reviews

Making a Representation or Taking a Review Representations Representations may be made against an application for (or variation to) a premises licence or certificate. Knowing that an operator is applying for a premises licence can be a little hit and miss though. Whilst the responsible authorities are informed by the applicant, interested parties have toContinue reading “Licensing Representations and Reviews”

Noise and Health Effects

Noise and Health The World Health Organisation provide a very useful definition of health: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We know that noise has an effect on one’s well-being. Furthermore, we know that our quality of life or well-being canContinue reading “Noise and Health Effects”

Covid-19 and Noise – Neighbour Noise Intensified or Temporary Respite?

Neighbour Noise Intensified – Lockdown Noise In some areas it has been reported that nuisances due to neighbour noise have risen. Many will have, certainly, noticed that the number of bonfires taking place mushroomed in the first couple of weeks of ‘lockdown’. Being stuck next to a nuisance neighbour whilst being confined to your homeContinue reading “Covid-19 and Noise – Neighbour Noise Intensified or Temporary Respite?”

Noise from Neighbours – Loud Parties

Noisy Party? – Noise from Neighbours Have you got a problem with noise from neighbours? Is this a one-off or are your neighbours regular party animals? One-off birthday celebrations, such as 21st or 60th birthday parties, are normally accepted as consequence of everyday life and behaviour. Local authorities are more likely to take action againstContinue reading “Noise from Neighbours – Loud Parties”

The Need for Sound Measurements in Noise Evidence

The Need for Acoustic Evidence in Nuisance Cases We read with interest two recent articles from Environmental Health News reviewing two recent noise cases where the subject of acoustic evidence was brought up. The first1 made mention of Southampton City Council v Odysseas2 in a High Court judgement that resulted in the local authority loosingContinue reading “The Need for Sound Measurements in Noise Evidence”