Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting

What to do about the noisy neighbour next door.

Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting

Here we have listed some of the myths that are often banded about or repeated in relation to nuisance neighbours and the action taken by investigators.

  1. The noise or nuisance needs to affect more than one household. NOT TRUE! Only one person need be affected by an unreasonable situation.
  2. The noise has to exceed a certain decibel level for action to be taken. NOT TRUE! Most of the time a sound level meter isn’t even used.
  3. If I can hear the noise, investigators can take action. NOT TRUE! Just because it is audible doesn’t mean the person responsible is being unreasonable.
  4. If you create excessive noise you are breaking the law. NOT TRUE! Normally it is not until a formal notice is breached when an offence will have been committed.
  5. Construction work can only take place in the daytime hours. NOT TRUE! It can take place at any time unless it is formally restricted by the local authority.
  6. The Council have told me they can’t investigate my nuisance complaint. NOT TRUE! They have a legal duty to investigate all allegations of nuisance.
  7. The landlord said they couldn’t evict the neighbours because of human rights. NOT TRUE! You have rights too; it is not correct that one party’s rights trample another’s.
  8. I can’t do anything about the business next door because they have a licence and planning permission. NOT TRUE! These are unconnected; and, in any case, a licence can be challenged.
  9. I moved into a property next to a noisy business so I guess I have to put up with it. NOT TRUE! Action can be taken if they are not taking reasonable measures to protect you.
  10. Action can only be taken over noise that happens at night. NOT TRUE! Nuisances can exist at any time, even at low levels.

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