When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence

When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence We are so often reminded through the stories in the press of how often noise issues can result in, or be associated with, aggressive or violent behaviour. Dozens of people have died in recent years after being involved in a dispute about neighbour noise. So many neighbour noise casesContinue reading “When Neighbour Noise Leads to Violence”

20 Tips for Forming and Managing an Action or Campaign Group

Setting up a Campaign Group Often people are isolated in their suffering and have no choice but to stick their lone head above the parapet. However, if a number of people are affected by the same issue it doesn’t have to be that way; for example, have you considered forming or setting up a campaign groupContinue reading “20 Tips for Forming and Managing an Action or Campaign Group”

How to Tackle a Noisy Neighbour – Don’t Retaliate!

How to tackle a noisy neighbour Picture the scene; your next door neighbour enjoys entertaining their friends on a regular basis (in fact most nights). They play music, chat and laugh until the small hours. Initially, you put up with some disruption; acknowledging that they are young and are just having fun. It’s the thirdContinue reading “How to Tackle a Noisy Neighbour – Don’t Retaliate!”

Qualifications and Professional Competence

In a recent noise enforcement forum questions were raised over the use of unqualified and inexperienced personnel to investigate and make determinations of statutory nuisance on behalf of local authorities. In particular, concerns centred around the possibility of legal challenges on appeal of a notice or during criminal proceedings. This article provides some discussion onContinue reading “Qualifications and Professional Competence”

Summary of the Main Legislation

The following provides a brief summary of the main specific noise pollution laws invoked in relation to neighbourhood noise and nuisance issues. STATUTORY NUISANCES Section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 lists two statutory nuisances relating to noise: (a)    Noise emitted from premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance; and(b)    NoiseContinue reading “Summary of the Main Legislation”

Dancing with the Grim RIPA

CHANGES TO RIPA There were some changes to the way that local authorities go about surveillance activities. The provisions brought about by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 tightened surveillance authorisation procedures and further restricted the ability to conduct directed surveillance activities. The rules impose a “crime threshold” so that local authorities may now onlyContinue reading “Dancing with the Grim RIPA”

National Planning Policy Framework & Noise Policy Statement for England

Acoustic Design for Development post PPG24 Introduction The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) came into force in March 2012 and represents the government’s commitment to sustainable development, through its intention to make the planning system more streamlined, localised and less restrictive. It aims to do this by reducing regulatory burdens and by placing sustainability atContinue reading “National Planning Policy Framework & Noise Policy Statement for England”

Noise from Concerts & Festivals

Noise from Concerts and Festivals Summer brings with it the potential for noise from concerts and festivals. Outdoor events have increased in popularity in recent years. Most large concerts and festivals will require a premises licence to operate (issued under the Licensing Act 2003). That will stipulate the times at which live music can beContinue reading “Noise from Concerts & Festivals”

Noise from DIY activities

From time to time people it is inevitable that neighbours will need to complete maintenance tasks on property, improve living conditions or change decor. Most people can accept a certain amount of noise generated from DIY activity, even during evenings or at weekends, so DIY generally does not become a problem unless it: Continues overContinue reading “Noise from DIY activities”