Checking a New Property for Noise

New Property Noise – Prospective Home Buyers or Renters Our noise surveys have shown that living in close proximity to neighbours is likely to increase your chances of suffering from noise problems. With more and more properties being squeezed into smaller spaces and the country becoming increasingly populated we all need to be wise toContinue reading “Checking a New Property for Noise”

Planning for Noise is Child’s Play

Planning for Noisy Children We regularly receive enquiries citing concerns about childrens’ play areas and noisy children; including outdoor sports areas, playgrounds and, even, nurseries. ‘The sound of from children playing – what could be so terrible about that?’ you may ask. Well, nothing in itself, but if a well-meaning local Councillor decided that aContinue reading “Planning for Noise is Child’s Play”

Office Building Conversions – Permitted Development of Class O

Permitted Development of Office Buildings and Noise We have mentioned previously about recent relaxations to planning laws providing permitted development rights in certain circumstances. This has allowed developers to convert commercial buildings such as office blocks to residential property. Our prediction was that this would result in a number of developments taking place on buildingsContinue reading “Office Building Conversions – Permitted Development of Class O”

Urban Living, Deprivation and Noise

Urban Living and Noise – the Stats Living in urban environments ain’t easy; not only are you more likely to suffer from road, rail and aircraft noise you are more likely to complain about neighbour noise (be that from commercial or residential sources). We’ve found that there is a strong relationship between the number ofContinue reading “Urban Living, Deprivation and Noise”

Reducing Noise Caused by Poor Insulation – Part 1

Reduce Noise and Improve Sound Insulation Unless you are one of the lucky ones living in a detached property it is likely that you will share at least one wall or floor/ceiling with your neighbours. Most of us who do live together in relative harmony. However, in some property, often flats or converted property, poorContinue reading “Reducing Noise Caused by Poor Insulation – Part 1”