Noise Pollution Books Review

We’ve reviewed all of the available reference materials so that you don’t have to. Here’s a summary of the noise pollution books that we like and/or use regularly ourselves followed by a short review of each. Noise Pollution Books – Summary BOOK TITLE DESCRIPTION AVAILABILITY Statutory Nuisance by Robert McCracken, Gregory Jones and James Pareira AContinue reading “Noise Pollution Books Review”

Using White Noise to Aid Sleep

Not all Sound is Noise Real white noise isn’t particularly nice or soothing to listen to and sounds a bit like the static you might encounter when skipping to a blank channel on an old-fashioned television (for those of you who haven’t experienced that think of radio space between channels with an analogue signal). ThereContinue reading “Using White Noise to Aid Sleep”

Office Building Conversions – Permitted Development of Class O

Permitted Development of Office Buildings and Noise We have mentioned previously about recent relaxations to planning laws providing permitted development rights in certain circumstances. This has allowed developers to convert commercial buildings such as office blocks to residential property. Our prediction was that this would result in a number of developments taking place on buildingsContinue reading “Office Building Conversions – Permitted Development of Class O”

Jargon Buster – “Serving Notice”

Noise Abatement Notices – Service Please! Sometimes when you speak to officials and enforcers they often use terms, phrases and code that is unfamiliar to everyday folk. Here at we try to empower victims; and one of the ways we do that is by providing expert knowledge that can be used without needing aContinue reading “Jargon Buster – “Serving Notice””

Urban Living, Deprivation and Noise

Urban Living and Noise – the Stats Living in urban environments ain’t easy; not only are you more likely to suffer from road, rail and aircraft noise you are more likely to complain about neighbour noise (be that from commercial or residential sources). We’ve found that there is a strong relationship between the number ofContinue reading “Urban Living, Deprivation and Noise”

10 Common Mistakes with Neighbour Noise

NEIGHBOUR NOISE ADVICE Five Common Mistakes by Noise Complainants Not following clear instructions. If the investigating officer has requested you complete x or do y by a specific time then do it. If you can’t let them know why and agree on alternative arrangements. Waiting for problems to be fixed by themselves. Be proactive; engageContinue reading “10 Common Mistakes with Neighbour Noise”

Anti-social Behaviour Powers and the Community Trigger

Antisocial Behaviour and Noise For sufferers of noise nuisance the new anti-social behaviour powers is a mixed bag. Generally speaking the range of new (and amended) mechanisms are likely to be applied in cases that involve anti-social behaviour in a wider sense. However, there are some potential benefits for sufferers and enforcers of noise, including:Continue reading “Anti-social Behaviour Powers and the Community Trigger”

Positivity is the First Step to Empowerment

Positive Thinking = Empowerment Enough is enough; you’ve decided to tackle your problem neighbour who, has so far, been completely unresponsive to any polite request you’ve made. You are ready to put your head above the parapet and have decided to call in the authorities. Here follows a few tips explaining why remaining positive andContinue reading “Positivity is the First Step to Empowerment”

Rebirth of the Noise App

The “noise app” mobile application for reporting and recording noise complaints was relaunched and became a huge success. We confirmed long ago that the new and updated version will not disappoint and, it seems, that over two hundred service providers (including local authorities and housing associations) agree. RECORD NOISE – APP USERS For users the app isContinue reading “Rebirth of the Noise App”