Who is Most Likely to Complain About Noise?

Who is most likely to complain about noise? This article provides some more information about the people who complain about noise. We’ve provided plenty of information previously, following our noise surveys, that highlights the problems that people in densely populated areas suffer with. More recently we looked into the age and gender profiles of peopleContinue reading “Who is Most Likely to Complain About Noise?”

Noise Pollution Books Review

We’ve reviewed all of the available reference materials so that you don’t have to. Here’s a summary of the noise pollution books that we like and/or use regularly ourselves followed by a short review of each. Noise Pollution Books – Summary BOOK TITLE DESCRIPTION AVAILABILITY Statutory Nuisance by Robert McCracken, Gregory Jones and James Pareira AContinue reading “Noise Pollution Books Review”

Rebirth of the Noise App

The “noise app” mobile application for reporting and recording noise complaints was relaunched and became a huge success. We confirmed long ago that the new and updated version will not disappoint and, it seems, that over two hundred service providers (including local authorities and housing associations) agree. RECORD NOISE – APP USERS For users the app isContinue reading “Rebirth of the Noise App”

Britains Noisiest Places to Live Revealed

Britains Noisiest Places to Live Our noise survey revealed some interesting information about the numbers of noise complaints being received by local authorities. We asked each local authority in the UK how many noise complaints they received, how much enforcement action they took and about officer staffing levels. In our report we compare the dataContinue reading “Britains Noisiest Places to Live Revealed”