Collecting Evidence

Evidence is Key Success in enforcement depends largely upon the strength of the evidence you and the enforcement agency collect. Firstly, you must be able to persuade the enforcement body that you are suffering from a significant problem that warrants formal action. Secondly, in order to be able to take enforcement action, a substantial bodyContinue reading “Collecting Evidence”

A Night Out with the Noise Police

A Night Out with the Noise Police We recently spent a night out with the noise police (or as they are more accurately referred to the “environmental health officers”) on one of their weekend night shifts. We joined them in a predominantly urban local authority area in the south of England (Glasgow have also made account of their own experience). Fewer CouncilsContinue reading “A Night Out with the Noise Police”

Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting

Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting Here we have listed some of the myths that are often banded about or repeated in relation to nuisance neighbours and the action taken by investigators. The noise or nuisance needs to affect more than one household. NOT TRUE! Only one person need be affected by an unreasonable situation. The noiseContinue reading “Nuisance Neighbours – Myth Busting”

Noise Pollution Times – When is it OK to Make Noise?

Noise Pollution Times – When is it OK? One of the questions that we often get asked is “what time is it OK to make noise until?”. The simple answer to that question is that there is no such time specified in statutory nuisance law for noise pollution times; noise can amount to a nuisanceContinue reading “Noise Pollution Times – When is it OK to Make Noise?”

Jargon Buster – “Serving Notice”

Noise Abatement Notices – Service Please! Sometimes when you speak to officials and enforcers they often use terms, phrases and code that is unfamiliar to everyday folk. Here at we try to empower victims; and one of the ways we do that is by providing expert knowledge that can be used without needing aContinue reading “Jargon Buster – “Serving Notice””

10 Common Mistakes with Neighbour Noise

NEIGHBOUR NOISE ADVICE Five Common Mistakes by Noise Complainants Not following clear instructions. If the investigating officer has requested you complete x or do y by a specific time then do it. If you can’t let them know why and agree on alternative arrangements. Waiting for problems to be fixed by themselves. Be proactive; engageContinue reading “10 Common Mistakes with Neighbour Noise”

Anti-social Behaviour Powers and the Community Trigger

Antisocial Behaviour and Noise For sufferers of noise nuisance the new anti-social behaviour powers is a mixed bag. Generally speaking the range of new (and amended) mechanisms are likely to be applied in cases that involve anti-social behaviour in a wider sense. However, there are some potential benefits for sufferers and enforcers of noise, including:Continue reading “Anti-social Behaviour Powers and the Community Trigger”

Dog Barking Noise and Recording Evidence

Dog Barking Noise Occasional barking is not usually an issue for most people, for example when someone comes to the front door, but persistent dog barking noise can be particularly upsetting and annoying. Very often dog owners will not appreciate how bad a problem is as the noise can often occur when they are away fromContinue reading “Dog Barking Noise and Recording Evidence”