Sensitivity to Noise – Am I Too Sensitive?

How sensitive are you?

Am I Being Too Sensitive?

Here at we tend to be concerned about real problems – those that affect peoples’ personal comfort and well-being (and there are plenty of those!). However, levels of noise vary along with people’s perception of it’s severity. Occasionally,  we come across people who are more sensitive to everyday issues than others; particularly their sensitivity to noise.

We put together a quick quiz so that you can test your sensitivity. Just answer the following 15 questions (as honestly as you can) to find out how sensitive you are.

Sensitivity to Noise – Take the Quiz

To each question answer “Yes” or “No”.
To each statement answer “True” or “False”.

  1. You have a keen attention to detail.
  2. You don’t like loud environments like bars.
  3. One should not be able to hear neighbours in the evenings when relaxing at home.
  4. You are a light sleeper.
  5. Are you a shift worker?
  6. Did you grow up in a quiet environment?
  7. You need the comfort of your own bed.
  8. You are happy having an occasional daytime sleep.
  9. You are a very conscientious person.
  10. You always have to be on time.
  11. You prefer to exercise alone rather than in a group.
  12. You often feel concern for other people.
  13. You have the occasional weep or cry.
  14. You really don’t like open-office environments.
  15. You find it hard to concentrate when more than one conversation is taking place.

Sensitivity to Noise – Guide to Results

If you answered “Yes” or “True” to the above questions/statements

12 or more times
You are super chilled – one laid-back dude.
9 to 11 times
you are a little discerning but still a hardy breed.
6 to 8 times
You are on your guard. You do like your comforts.
3 to 5 times
A delicate case. On the other hand, you may be a good friend and workmate.
2 or less
You may be acutely sensitive. Never mind, you are probably sharp minded and caring.

If you scored over half then you might be a sensitive person. There is no shame in that – often sensitive people are kind, generous and make good workmates. This quiz is no more than a bit of fun really so don’t be upset or disheartened if you score highly. In the UK many thousands of people with varying sensitivities suffer from noise nuisance problems each year. Whilst, sometimes, it can help to put the problem into perspective and think objectively you probably don’t need to answer a silly quiz to know whether your problem is real. Trust your instinct.

It could also be possible that your sensitivity to noise has a medical basis. There is a condition called hyperacusis (sometimes referred to as misophonia) which may be relevant in a small number of cases. Tinnitus is more of a significant issue though, particularly for the elderly.

If you think you have an excessive noise problem the likelihood is that you’ll be much happier when you get it sorted. Our noisy neighbour resources will help guide you through the complaints process.

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