20 Tips for Forming and Managing an Action or Campaign Group

How to set up a campaign group

Setting up a Campaign Group

Often people are isolated in their suffering and have no choice but to stick their lone head above the parapet. However, if a number of people are affected by the same issue it doesn’t have to be that way; for example, have you considered forming or setting up a campaign group or action team?

People power can be a really effective way of getting a collective message heard and many have been successful in securing change. Furthermore, members of action groups often say that they find their campaign work cathartic as they find support from people who are all working towards a shared goal.

Here are our top twenty tips for maintaining and setting up a successful campaign group:

  1. Sign up members (as many as possible)
  2. Appoint a chairperson
  3. Schedule and minute all meetings
  4. Decide what your role, remit and objectives are
  5. Limit the number of negotiators and points of contact for the group
  6. Make sure that your spokesperson(s) are calm and level headed
  7. Set out clearly what you want to achieve
  8. Be prepared to compromise and be reasonable
  9. Seek to balance your own interests and those of the perpetrator
  10. Work out your strategy in advance
  11. Identify all of the potential arguments against you as well as those in your favour
  12. Don’t stop gathering and recording evidence
  13. Use different forms of media to get your point across
  14. Identify the key people to talk to (often the head of an organisation)
  15. Formalise correspondence in writing
  16. Use whatever tactics are likely to be more effective in your circumstance (petitions, rallys, formal meetings etc.)
  17. Enlist the support of your local Councillors
  18. Meet regularly and keep members informed of your progress
  19. Appoint different tasks to different people (and work as a team)
  20. Know what you are talking about

Good luck in setting up your campaign group!

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