Noise Pollution Books Review

noise pollution books

We’ve reviewed all of the available reference materials so that you don’t have to. Here’s a summary of the noise pollution books that we like and/or use regularly ourselves followed by a short review of each.

Noise Pollution Books – Summary

Statutory Nuisance by Robert McCracken, Gregory Jones and James PareiraA process-led journey through the application of the statutory nuisance framework. Suitable for anyone studying, enforcing or practising statutory nuisance.Available Here
Statutory Nuisance: Law and Practice by Rosalind Malcolm and John PointingA comprehensive legal reference for anyone studying, enforcing or practising statutory nuisance. Includes chapters on the specific nuisances, including noise.Available Here
The Little Red Book of Acoustics: A Practical Guide by R Watson and Owen DowneyOne of the best all-round references to acoustics. Suitable for acousticians, noise professionals and anyone else interested in understanding and applying the dark-art.Available Here
Anti-social Behaviour: The New Law by Kuljit BhogalA useful point of reference for all of the powers introduced by the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014. Suitable for housing inspectors as well as environmental health professionals.Available Here
noise-nuisance-book-reviewNoise Nuisance: How to Tackle a Noisy NeighbourA reference manual for anyone affected by noise or nuisance from neighouring property. Suitable for anyone suffering from noise.Available Here

Statutory Nuisance by Robert McCracken, Gregory Jones and James Pareira

A little easier to consume than Malcolm and Pointings’ text, McCracken and Pareira have put together a clear and methodical guide to the statutory nuisance legal process and mechanisms. It is now on it’s third edition, published in 2012.

The format follows the legal process from service through to appeal and costs. It offers a different style of text than Malcolm and Pointings’ book, containing less information on the background and origins of statutory nuisance; and less guidance as on interpretation and the individual nuisances. However, it is much more accessible and well set-out. Highly recommended.

Statutory Nuisance: Law and Practice by Rosalind Malcolm and John Pointing

There are separate chapters relating to each subsection of nuisance as well as detailed information relating to historial background, evidence and legal process.

Packed throughout with references to cases it provides, with a few exceptions, a strong and reliable interpretation of the law. Whilst the latest changes to associated legislation, such as that relating to anti-social behaviour, are not yet mentioned it is an extremely useful reference book for any practitioner. The book is much more academic in style than McCracken’s.

The Little Red Book of Acoustics: A Practical Guide by R Watson and Owen Downey

As the name would suggest this is a handy quick reference guide to the science of acoustics. Concentrating on environmental and building acoustics the book provides a straight-forward understanding of the physics, measurement, calculation and application of acoustic standards. As with other texts that provide references to the law and associated guidance they can quickly become out of date. Other than that, nobody has a bad word to say about this book.

On it’s 3rd edition now the Little Red Book of Acoustics is a useful reference for building surveyors, planners, EHOs and, of course, acousticians.

Anti-social Behaviour: The New Law by Kuljit Bhogal

A nice little overview of the powers and mechanisms brought about by the Anti-social Behaviour, Policing and Crime Act 2014. Whilst this comes from one of the large legal publishing houses it doesn’t come packed with caselaw and is more of a guide for practitioners than a masterpiece on the interpretation of the law. After providing some background to the introduction of the legislation it works through each of the main legislative powers in turn.

A good starting point for any student or practitioner involved in ASB; including police officers, environmental health, housing officers and social landlords.

Noise Nuisance: How to Tackle a Noisy Neighbour

The most comprehensive guide to noise pollution and noisy neighbour disputes available covering all the main topics. The text is arranged in several chapters providing advice to sufferers of noise nuisance on how to tackle and resolve a wide range of noise issues. Details the law, investigation process and what action can be taken by individuals in an easy and accessible way. Packed full of real-life tips and advice.

Non-academic in style and without the jargon; this is a good all-round reference book for anyone suffering from noise nuisance.

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