10 Common Mistakes with Neighbour Noise

NEIGHBOUR NOISE ADVICE Five Common Mistakes by Noise Complainants Not following clear instructions. If the investigating officer has requested you complete x or do y by a specific time then do it. If you can’t let them know why and agree on alternative arrangements. Waiting for problems to be fixed by themselves. Be proactive; engageContinue reading “10 Common Mistakes with Neighbour Noise”

How to Tackle a Noisy Neighbour – Don’t Retaliate!

How to tackle a noisy neighbour Picture the scene; your next door neighbour enjoys entertaining their friends on a regular basis (in fact most nights). They play music, chat and laugh until the small hours. Initially, you put up with some disruption; acknowledging that they are young and are just having fun. It’s the thirdContinue reading “How to Tackle a Noisy Neighbour – Don’t Retaliate!”

Cockerels & Other Birds

Noisy Birds, Crowing Cockerels & Peacocks Most male birds make some noise, particularly at dawn. Whilst wild bird song can be particularly loud noisy birds are not generally accepted as a problem (and even if it were there would be little one could do about it!). However, noise from domestic or farmed birds do sometimesContinue reading “Cockerels & Other Birds”

Noise from DIY activities

From time to time people it is inevitable that neighbours will need to complete maintenance tasks on property, improve living conditions or change decor. Most people can accept a certain amount of noise generated from DIY activity, even during evenings or at weekends, so DIY generally does not become a problem unless it: Continues overContinue reading “Noise from DIY activities”