10 Tips for Tackling Noisy Neighbours

We live in very noisy times. Tips for tackling noise.

Noisy Neighbours – Our Top Ten Tips

We have compiled a short list of our favourite tips for dealing successfully with your noise complaint. Each year local authorities receive hundreds of thousands of noise complaints; our tips will help you get the best out of the system.

  1. Be polite. If you can, give your noisy neighbours the benefit of the doubt first. Let them know that you are being affected by the noise and give them a chance to put things right.
  2. Use your local authority. They have a duty to investigate noise nuisance and have legal powers to act where nuisance exists (even where housing associations are involved).
  3. Understand the process. Having a better understanding of how your local authority propose investigating your complaint will enable you to make better use of them.
  4. Follow instruction. If the local authority have asked you to keep a diary or to contact them when the noise is happening, then do it (its probably for a good reason).
  5. Understand your rights. When it comes to noise being informed means being empowered. Use the resources on this website to get a basic understanding and don’t be afraid of asking challenging questions.
  6. Get others involved. This could be a housing association or other neighbours. As long as your neighbours are genuinely affected there is strength in numbers.
  7. Be patient. Only when the local authority have sufficient evidence are they likely to take formal action. In some cases this can take a period of weeks. See our example noise timeframe.
  8. Help yourself. Don’t expect anyone else to do all the work for you. Even where the local authority are involved they will expect you to undertake tasks, such as keeping a log.
  9. Be persistent. Use the services provided as much and as often as you can. Those with genuine problems who fully commit to the investigation process usually find that their complaints are resolved sooner.
  10. Stay calm. Always keep your cool and do not retaliate. Keeping the moral high ground will pay off in the long run.

We hope you have found this advice useful. Good luck in progressing your noise nuisance case!

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