Tips for Noisy Neighbours – Garden Parties

Its the weekend, the weather is fine, the charcoal is lit and friends are over. It can only mean one thing – a rise in noise complaints. Yes, the combination of warm evenings and open windows is the recipe of the summer barbeque blues and, with it, a peak in poor neighbour relations. Here followsContinue reading “Tips for Noisy Neighbours – Garden Parties”

Noise Investigation Process – Timeline

Noise from Neighbours – Investigation Process This model describes the investigation process involving a typical case of noise from neighbours in a local authority (typically, an environmental health department, and sets out a rough expectation for benchmarks. We think it is best that you have an understanding of what to expect from your local authority. ThisContinue reading “Noise Investigation Process – Timeline”

Noise from Sexual Activity

Complaints of this nature are more common than you might think. Regularity will pose more of an annoyance factor; particularly if plenty of stamina is involved. Time of day also increases the likelyhood for such activity to be more intrusive – as this tends to be more of a late night activity any screaming, moaning,Continue reading “Noise from Sexual Activity”