Covid-19 and Noise – Neighbour Noise Intensified or Temporary Respite?

There wasn increase in noise during coronavirus

Neighbour Noise Intensified – Lockdown Noise

In some areas it has been reported that nuisances due to neighbour noise have risen. Many will have, certainly, noticed that the number of bonfires taking place mushroomed in the first couple of weeks of ‘lockdown’. Being stuck next to a nuisance neighbour whilst being confined to your home is torturous; thank goodness for the ability to go out for a walk once a day but spare a thought for those who are not able.

During this time the response of the local authorities has been mixed. Some have provided limited or full services though and continue to respond to noise complaints from sufferers; as well they should. Longer-term issues with anti-social behaviour need to be dealt with in a systematic way. If, however, this is a new found problem due to the recent change in circumstances it may be worth raising the issue with your neighbour. Now, perhaps more than any other time, there are plenty of ways we can find to break the ice and start friendly (socially distant!) conversations.

Temporary Respite

To those unaffected by neighbour nuisance issues, the significant reduction of transportation noise (particularly for those under flight paths and near to busy roads) has been a revelation. People have commented that they have become aware of birdsong in cities for the first time. Many are appreciating the soundscapes of the great outdoors, or the countryside, without the unwanted intrusions associated with modern life. Animals have become more inquisitive and less afraid to cross human boundaries. At least we can say that our relationship with wildlife has become more social and less distant.

There has even been less seismic activity due to fewer transportation movements and less mechanical activity. Imagine that; significant reductions in vibration in the Earth’s crust!

If you have it, enjoy the peace – whilst it lasts

I am surprised at how many people own jet-washers. Although, for the time being, I think I can ignore this seemingly over-riding human impulse for clean driveways by enjoying our, otherwise, unspoilt soundscape (for as long at it lasts). On the other hand, the temptation by some to encroach on our senses by lighting bonfires might put pay to that!

3 thoughts on “Covid-19 and Noise – Neighbour Noise Intensified or Temporary Respite?

  1. We are having trouble with an unapproved quarry opposite our house taking advantage of the COVID-19 , Environmental Health can’t come out to monitor the noise , the quarry operator is taking full advantage of it.


  2. My daughter is m carer . I’m registered disabled
    My next door neighbour in lock down right this minute. Is in his back garden . Partying . Bbq. And my daughter cant get any sleep . She has my to
    Young granddaughter. S in next bedroom. Cant sleep . Cant talk to him take. S no notice . Plasterboard walls . Slams doors 1/3 /5 in morning . Am . Lock down . This is happening
    Every weekend. Bbq till all hours.the banging doors is all time . They never there half time in day . But seem want do things . Till early hours in morning . .banging doors . Waking kids up .
    I’m going to report them to all I can .I have depression. And suffering from myshenia gravis.


  3. Thank you for your email, I live in Cyprus and the last seven years due to development in my area bars and cafes have opened up , and the ones with connections with the police and the courts have constantly abused the laws as regards volume and hours , they have resorted to abuse threats and assault on me to control my minimal ability to take legal action against them


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