Local Authorities and Housing Associations Investigating Noise

Noise/Nuisance Training and CPD Our leadership team have been involved in training professionals and noise enforcement personnel for many years now. Local authority clients on our noise training events have included local authorities in London and metropolitan areas as well as rural districts and boroughs based in the ‘Shires’. It has also become popular for housingContinue reading “Local Authorities and Housing Associations Investigating Noise”

Anti-social Behaviour and Noise

Anti-social Behaviour and Noise The Anti–social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 updated a number of powers relating to the control and prevention of anti-social behaviour; some of which may be useful with respect to noise control. Those with responsibilities to protect communities against unreasonable levels of noise, including the police, local authorities and, in some circumstances, housingContinue reading “Anti-social Behaviour and Noise”