Local Authorities and Housing Associations Investigating Noise

Local Authorities and Housing Associations Investigating Noise

noise training

Noise Training

Our leadership team have been involved in training professionals and noise enforcement personnel for many years now. Local authority clients on our noise training events have included local authorities in London and metropolitan areas as well as rural districts and boroughs based in the ‘Shires’. It has also become popular for housing association officers involved in ASB to attend the workshops and courses we present to and provide content for.

Here are some examples of the courses that you may be interested in booking or attending:

  • Statutory nuisance – and overview and introduction
  • Licensing Act – the role of the responsible authority
  • Abatement notices – statutory nuisance, drafting, service & common mistakes
  • Investigating noise – overview of the laws and practical considerations for investigating officers

Courses are generally suited to environmental health, neighbourhood support and housing officers. Please contact us for more information.

Third Party Support and Expert Opinion

As well as training we are sometimes called upon to provide third party opinions, consultancy and advice on noise matters. This can be useful for environmental health or anti-social behaviour teams (local authority or social landlords) who are considering taking enforcement action or other interventions due to noise. Clients include:

  • Local authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Universities
  • Private Landlords
  • Businesses and traders

Abatement Notice & Enforcement Reviews

One of the tasks we relish is reviewing statutory notices (pre or post service). The law of statutory nuisance and appeals is pretty complex and there are a number of pitfalls and common mistakes that can affect the direction of enforcement in this area. If you would like a notice and/or enforcement action reviewed please contact us.

Link to our Web Content

Local authorities and housing associations are free link to any of the posts on our website on their noise/nuisance pages. Here’s why:

Noisenuisance.org is a fantastic source of free resources and advice for sufferers of noise nuisance. As well as comprehensive articles on noise matters complainants are also able to tap into support on noise and nuisance issues.

Public authorities and their employees are allowed to link to other organisations that help promote the aims and objectives of their organisation or department. In doing so they can help us support public authorities in their role of advising members of the public, tackling anti-social behaviour and promoting well being.

Any other organisations or businesses who are interested in working with us please let us know. Learn more about us and see how we may be able to help through noise training.

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