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Record and log Noise with the Noise App

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About the Noise App

Most nuisance and anti-social behaviour cases result from ongoing or intermittent noise disturbances so it is important that evidence is logged over time to demonstrate that a state of affairs exists. The Noise App enables the sufferer to get a head start by logging the information needed to help progress the case.

Using the Noise App is easy (and free); within seconds the sufferer is able to make an audio recording of the noise and enter detail about the nature of the disturbance. At any point the user can then email their diary and share the audio files directly with their local environmental health department or social landlord.

Successful cases often rely upon the quality of evidence provided and commitment from the complainants. Not everyone will have access to smartphone technology but those who do can take advantage of the Noise App.

Read our review of the noise app.
Visit the Noise App website.
Download for iPhone.
Download for Android.

Registration by UK Local Authorities & Housing Associations

In order for authorities to get the best out of the app they need to sign up. Users are then able to liaise directly with their service provider (their enforcement officer at their local authority or housing association). For more information or to sign up please contact RH Environmental on 0844 801 0733 or at

Available to Users Worldwide

Noise and anti-social behaviour teams across the world can now harness the power of the Noise App. Noise enforcement authorities interested in adopting the full features of the tool should contact RH Environmental on +44 844 801 0733 or at

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