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Covid-19 and Noise – Neighbour Noise Intensified or Temporary Respite?

Neighbour Noise Intensified – Lockdown Noise In some areas it has been reported that nuisances due to neighbour noise have risen. Many will have, certainly, noticed that the number of bonfires taking place mushroomed in the first couple of weeks of ‘lockdown’. Being stuck next to a nuisance neighbour whilst being confined to your home…

Noise Nuisance Book

Noise Nuisance Book – Tackling a Noisy Neighbour In this 80 page noise nuisance book we share much of what we’ve learned through our experiences working in noise control. We explain what you need to do to solve your problem and about noise regulation. Is your neighbour (be that a resident or business) interfering with your peace?Are you unsure as…

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