About us

What We Do

Noisenuisance.org is a source of advice and help for those suffering from noise pollution. Our site is maintained by a few qualified and experienced environmental health professionals who volunteer in their spare time to help sufferers. Occasionally we also provide advice and assistance to organisations and professionals.

How Are We Doing?

Over 100,000 visitors to this website every year
Over 1000 advice emails sent to sufferers
Hundreds of telephone conversations
Support provided to organisations
Advice given to professionals

Positive Feedback

We spend a lot of time volunteering on noisenuisance.org – that’s why we love it when we find out that we have made a difference. Here’s a small sample of the genuine feedback we have had from the HUNDREDS of people we have provided direct help to:

“Noise nuisance can seem a very lonely problem to experience and deal with. Our telephone discussion really helped.”

“I thought I should simply drop you a line to say thank you and let you know how our problem is being dealt with.”

“Thank you very much for your valued help, I will do as you suggested.”

“Thank you very much for your prompt response to my e mail, and for your time spent giving me advice.”

“Thanks for your speedy and comprehensive reply. I will talk to the environmental health gentleman tomorrow and be in touch again if there are any more problems!”

“Thank you so much for this, it’s really appreciated.”

“You are a star. Thanks for letting me know. I will be downloading it as will my resident with problems.”

“I thought I ought to drop you a note to say that your advice was extremely sound (pardon the pun!).”

Our Mission – Help Prevent Noise Pollution

Noisenuisance.org provides practical and informed advice on noise and nuisance issues. We provide resources for anyone suffering from noise, those interested in noise issues and professionals involved in noise control.