Rebirth of the Noise App

Rebirth of the Noise App

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The “noise app” mobile application for reporting and recording noise complaints has relaunched and is becoming a huge success. We confirmed many months ago that this new and updated version will not disappoint and, it seems, that up to one hundred service providers (including local authorities and housing associations) agree.


For users the app is free to download and use. Once registered they are able to make recordings of noise instantly and are prompted to enter some simple information by tapping a few icons. After submission the information and sound file are forwarded to your service provider (local authority or housing association) automatically. They will review the recording and can message you through the application. As a result, that whole tedious stage of log sheets and liaison becomes so much easier for sufferers.

If your service provider has not signed up to receive notifications do not fear. You can still use the app and they can be notified that there is data waiting for them.

Record Noise


Officers benefit from a few more bells and whistles at the ‘back-end’. Access data via the secure server; be notified of any new entries; and even correspond with the complainant. When we played back the sound recordings the quality was also excellent – and you can listen right through your browser without any fancy acoustic software. You can also dispense with any installation of tricky recording equipment as the initial stages of the process are in the hands of the complainant.

The online service is designed to empower complainants but it also allows investigators to triage cases, prioritise incidents and direct resources to those most in need. There are obvious efficiencies as well as an improved investigation process (a local authority who have been using the beta version of the app stated that their complainants much prefer using the app to traditional paper diary sheets). Unsurprisingly, dozens of local authorities and housing associations have already signed up.


For users and service providers the Noise App makes total sense; a win-win situation for once. We rate it highly and think that the noise app is rapidly becoming an essential tool for both sufferers of noise and noise enforcers. For more information visit


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