Staying Calm Under Pressure

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Being the focus of an ongoing noise dispute can be a stressful experience and it is clear that some people handle the pressure better than others.

It is important that you are able to keep control of your emotions, stay calm and remain focused on your goal of getting the noise reduced (or abated). Remember, you don’t want to appear overly-sensitive as this may result in you losing support. However, it is also important that you are able to express to the investigating officer and, ultimately, the courts what sort of effect the noise is having on you. Effective communication is therefore important.

Obviously you are feeling anxious or wound-up about the noise; otherwise you wouldn’t have been motivated to have it stopped. A certain amount of pressure can actually help ensure that you provide the issue with the attention that is required for you to carry out the tasks you need to complete.

You need to make sure though, that the level of stress that you are suffering does not result in melt-down or any counter-productive or irrational behaviour. Often what one perceives as critical to them will not go anywhere near to, for example, endangering life or making someone bankrupt. Try to place it into perspective; you are not defusing a bomb or scaling Mount Everest.

When you are communicating control your breathing and try to relax. Slow down and listen. People who are able to do this are much more likely to think and respond clearly. As a result that “inner-confidence” enables them to be much more persuasive.

Some Tips

Here are a few tips that may help you to remain calm and focus on the task in hand:

Focus on the outcome rather than on the person making the noise
Avoid any negative people
See diary keeping as a necessary step to quiet
Recognise that your problem will not be solved overnight
Have reasonable expectations of other people
Place reminders to complete tasks in your diary
Approach your problem in stages
Don’t react straight away, take time and review your response
Ask questions and for clarification