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The Noise App

Questions and Answers on the Noise App

Can you describe the App to us?

Yes, the App has four main features.

  • Firstly, it can be used as a noise recording and logging device or ‘nuisance diary’
  • Secondly, it connects your diary directly to your environmental health department or housing association (service providers)
  • Thirdly, you can communicate and get feedback directly with your service provider

What are the benefits?

It empowers the sufferer and enables them to take charge of their situation. By using it the sufferer has the ability to prioritise their case by providing evidence that enforcers just can’t ignore.

Why do people suffering from noise issues need to keep a diary?

Most noise complainants are asked by noise enforcement officials to keep a log of their own evidence at the start of an investigation. Usually this will be done on paper – environmental health officers call them log sheets. There are important reasons for doing this. Noise usually becomes a nuisance over a period of time where a state of affairs can be shown o exist. Keeping a diary is a way of providing evidence of noise events and without one it is difficult for a complainant to demonstrate that they have a genuine problem so that an abatement notice can be served.

What makes the App different from a log sheet then?

The App enables a complainant to make an entry into the diary each time the noise affects them in a similar way as they would do with a paper diary. The big difference with the Noise Nuisance App though is that they can also record the noise. The App automatically logs a time and date with each audio file that is recorded and it is placed alongside your diary entry. Users have said that it is a lot easier to use and more convenient than filling out paper forms. In order to benefit from the full funtionality your service provider must have registered first.

What happens when you complete an entry?

Once you have submitted a recording the investigating officer can then see your diary entries and listen to your noise recordings. He can let you know that he has reviewed the entry by instant messaging.

What about the technical quality of the recordings?

This isn’t being used as an analytical tool but it will enable enforcers to get a better impression of the situation in the same way that any other manually activated sound recording devices are used. It won’t provide them with a pinpoint decibel level level but the sound quality is excellent and playback will be useful to help co-oberate written evidence.

What do enforcers need to do to use the Noise Nuisance App?

All service providers need to do is sign up to use the app. Once they have you will be able to select them when you sign in to the App and start forwarding them information instantly.