Noisy Birds

Cockerels and Other Noisy Birds

Most male birds make some noise, particularly at dawn. Whilst wild bird song can be particularly loud it is not generally accepted as a problem. However, noise from domestic or farmed birds do sometimes generate complaints from neighbours and can be considered for action under the statutory nuisance legislation.

Crowing cockerels can be a problem in some areas, particularly in urban or residential settings. Chickens are less of an issue. As with most noisy birds, owning more than one male may cause them to become competitive (i.e. noisier!). Shutting cockerels in dark hen houses until a reasonable hour may help reduce the noise as will the location of pens. Guinea fowl can also be a cause for concern.

Peacocks can cause a lot of annoyance particularly during the mating season. Whilst their calls are more frequent at dawn and dusk they can also be noisy throughout the day. The location of pens and housing routines may help control noise. Again, they are not suitable for keep in residential areas
Aviaries can be a problem in confined residential settings (often depending upon the number and breed of birds being kept). Enthusiasts should think twice before installing structures or committing to bird-keeping, particularly in residential areas.

Ultimately, action to reduce noise may include reduction in numbers, re-positioning of enclosures or, even, removal of birds.