From time to time people it is inevitable that neighbours will need to complete maintenance tasks on property, improve living conditions or change decor. Most people can accept a certain amount of noise generated from DIY activity, even during evenings or at weekends so DIY generally does not become a problem. However on occasion it may do if it:

Continues over a prolonged period of time
Is carried out continuously, or on consecutive days, without a break
Takes place at unsociable hours

Taking Action

Letting neighbours know that they are causing disturbance or enquiring as to how long works are expected to continue, would be a reasonable first step. You might also consider requesting that no works take place after a certain hour or that work is not undertaken on a particular day, for example, if you are expecting guests or need to study. In other cases people may prefer to suffer an extended period of intense noise over a shorter period of days so that projects can be finished sooner (rather than having works extended over a longer period).

Where neighbours are uncooperative or unreasonable you may contact the environmental health service. DIY noise is more likely to be considered a statutory nuisance if it is ongoing problem so they may ask you to keep a log of disturbance.