Neighbour Noise in Birmingham and the West Midlands

neighbour noise in birmingham

Help with Neighbour Noise in Birmingham and the West Midlands

With a population of over 1.2 millon Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK after London. Birmingham’s growth came at the time of the industrial revolution when pollution from manufacturing was just one of the populations’ concerns. Today, now that much of the industrial pollution has disappeared, noise pollution and neighbour noise in Birmingham have grown to be substantial problems.

Help is here for anyone with neighbour noise problems in Birmingham or the surrounding area of the West Midlands.

The local authorities of the West Midlands include:


Each one of the West Midland’s districts are served by our environmental health noise nuisance service. If you are based in Birmingham and are suffering from a noise pollution or neighbour nuisance issue then you can use our Knowledge Base resource to help you tackle any noise problem you may have.

If you are located in one of the West Midlands’ cities or towns you are more likely to suffer from a noise issue as the population density in these areas is quite high (meaning that people live in close proximity to each other). Those people may also experience problems with commercial or licensed premises. However, noise can be a problem for those living in the rural parts too.

Are you affected by neighbour noise in Birmingham? Tell us about your experience.