Wind chimes – case review

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My flat mate and i suffer head aches from high pitched glass bell wind chimes. Our housing officer, previously helpful, now seems passive to the point of total disinterest. A senior Environment health officer mocked us in an email but we are unable to ventilate / use bathroom and kitchen if the wind picks up a little (not “hurricane-ish” as inferred by the noise officer) rendering us so limited in use of rooms that I now use a bucket in my bedroom. We are very upset to be left to suffer like this. Is there any help we can get for our plight please?

Your EH department and housing department (in the former, in relation to any property; in the latter case, if the property alleged to be the problem is a tenant of a Council or social housing property) both have powers to deal with anti-social issues like wind chimes. Wind chimes can be a problem and, even if they do not constitute a statutory nuisance, can be unreasonable to the extent that they are anti-social. They would obviously need to be intrusive if action is to be warranted.

If the kitchen and bathroom are the only areas where you are affected they are not normally considered ‘living areas’ or ‘habitable’ rooms and, relatively speaking (other than kitchen/diners or studio flats, for example) we spend relatively little time in them. Something to bear in mind.

If you still feel that you are being unreasonably subjected to noise, and you have completed all that has been asked of you by each agency, you should consider (a) asking for a case review; or (b) start their internal complaints proceedure (make a complaint about the service received). Both options should be highlighted on their websites.