Shift worker needs help

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I am a night worker and live in a tower block. The new tenants above me are constantly banging, crashing, screaming shouting and jumping up and down. The noise coming through my ceiling is very loud and this goes on for up to 16 hrs a day. Is there any limit to this sort of noise people can make?

It depends upon whether the behaviour exibited by your neighbours is unreasonable and whether the noise is experienced is related to the structure or nature of the buidling you live in. The nusiance laws also takes little account of your being a night-worker as they relate to the “man on the clapham omnibus”. You would not necessarily be entitled to a reduced sound threshold just because of your own circumstances. Ask yourself whether the noise would be a problem to the average person. If the answer is still “yes” then it is worth pursuing a remedy; that might be via statutory nuisance or anti-social behaviour powers (the latter will take more account of your personal circumstances, to a degree).