Reprisals and retaliation

We told our neighbours we were concerned about their planning application. That weekend he started banging on our wall, my husband told them if they did it again we’d call the police. In the morning all our tyres were slashed. The police said they couldn’t do anything about it we should have called them out when they banged on the wall. He still continues to bang. Last night it was 1am.

Deliberate banging on walls will constitute a nuisance (as it is being done deliberately to upset you). Of course, one might have to prove it was deliberate. You could try to find out what he was doing – could there be another explanation? However, it may not be necessary to look at intent. If it is late at night and happens regularly you can complain to the environmental health department about the noise. Depending upon where you live they may also have a late night noise service. They can also install a recording device for you.

Talk to your local neighbourhood police officer (as well as the environmental health officer) about anti-social behaviour. Mediation is also an alternative option for this case if you and your neighbour are in dispute.