Recycling collections early morning

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Can I request for my local authority to empty recycling boxes and bins after 7am? They normally empty them between 6.00am and 6.30am every Friday and the noise from the refuse trucks always wakes me and family up and other neighbours, earlier than when we’d normally be awake. Is this classed as noise nuisance and can we do something about it?

You could try to request a difference in practice or change in the route but I wouldn’t expect too much. One of your arguments might be that collection of recyclables such as bottles cause a higher peak sound level than tradtional general waste collections. If it were a fixed recycling station near to your home there would definitely be some cause for action (however, this is very different). On the other hand, there is an extremely long convention of “dust carts” and refuse vehicles collecting rubbish house-to-house before 7am. You might find it difficult to establish that it was unreasonable unless there was something unusual about the practice in this particular case. Our advice may be very different in the case of commercial waste (a very different operation) as opposed to domestic collections.