Quarry works and vehicles

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I have lived here for 12 years, recently the disused quarry opposite me reopened. As time has passed the noise has increased with: lots of lorries going in and out, 3 rock crushers running, a power shovel moving stone around and the constant beeping of large machines reversing. They no longer tell me when they are going to blast.

There may be a potential nuisance issue (either civil or criminal). You should contact your local environmental health department and make a complaint. They have a duty to investigate and servce notices (even where it falls under the Environment Agency’s remit). Not all cases are bad enough (bearing in mind the need to operate a business of this nature). You should also keep a detailed record of ALL intrusive noise and potential nuisance. A-G v PYA Quarries Ld 1957 involved quarry blasting. Barr v Biffa 2012 will also be informative. You should also contact the Environment Agency to see if they have any influence through a licence or permit.