Problem getting noise witnessed

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We get loud music problems almost every night from one tenant. I was informed that my local authority does not have a 24 hour service so they arranged to come out one night at 12 – 12.30 am. The officer said he would walk down the street and if he didn’t hear music, he wouldn’t phone me or come to the flat. I was waiting. I heard music, there were a couple of short lulls at around 12 midnight and just after. At around 12.30 am the noise picked up and went on all night as usual. However, the EH officer didn’t phone me or come to the flat.

Call him back today and arrange another couple of visits. Insist he visits you directly this time. It is reasonable that he sits and waits around for at least 15 minutes until the music restarts (this is just how the job works and they must be prepared to do this). He will have colleagues who could also come out if he is not available (they usually share the workload). Advise him of when the noise loudest so that the visit can be targetted. If they are not able to come out to you again follow our complaint advice.

Also ask for monitoring devices to be installed in the meantime.