Noise monitoring equipment

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I live next to an extremely noisy family. They often receive visitors after midnight and there is always more than one family living in the same house. The noise begins after midnight. I reported this matter to the Council and requested a machine to record the noise. I was told that there are only two in the whole borough. What recording equipment I can use to record this noise nuisance?

Getting the Environmental Health service to monitor would be ideal. If they have an out-of-hours service you should also call them out to witness the noise. Make sure that you are keeping a detailed log and send it to the investigating officer every two weeks. Telephone him/her tommorrow and request a date for the equipment to be installed for within the next four weeks. If they can not do that initiate the complaints procedure. There is also the Noise App if you have a mobile phone.

If they have a landlord approach them too. The property may not be suitable for more than one family and the terms of their tenancy may have been breached. The Council officer can also be requested to make an assessment of overcrowding.