Noise from bar/club at night

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Our neighbouring property which is a bar/club has not put any proper sound insulation in their property so every night (7 days a week) since April when we bought the property, we have not had a decent night’s sleep. We didn’t know that our bedroom was directly above their cellar area where they keep their beer and gas. Every time they are changed we hear dragging of metal keggs and gas cylinders. They operate with a 24hr licence.

You can try to negotiate with the landlord of the pub. Is the bar a managed, leased or freehold? You can also use the environmental health and licensing teams to investigate and take action if necessary. You might wish to contact each of those parties anyway to determine whether complaints have been made before and obtain a copy of their licence. It is the Bar’s job to see if they have the prerequisite sound insulation; especially if they are operating after 11pm. The Council can make a judgement as to whether nuisance exists though and this may be one of the aspects that they take into acount when forming their opinion. They should also determine whether other measures could be taken to reduce the noise impact, such as internal arrangements or times of operation. If more people are affected you might also consider a licence review.