Mystery thudding noise

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I’ve been woken up by a repetitive low thudding noise nearly every night for the past 3 weeks. It happens at all hours, sometimes three or more times during the night. It has woken me up even when I have been wearing earplugs and when I have slept in different bedrooms. How can I find out where the noise is coming from and what is causing it? The noise isn’t continuous, it often stops after 5 to 10 minutes but will start again a few hours later again for 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes up to 20 minutes.

It all depends upon how often, how loud and how long this noise goes on for. This could be the bass from music being played but could be a number of other things e.g. a banging headboard or a washing machine. You need to do your best to find out where this is coming from before any action can be taken (as this will be difficult for the authorities to respond to when it happens). Could it be coming from a neighbouring property or from somewhere outside? Once you have found the source it will be easier to resolve.