Music and building works

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I live above (and alongside) a row of shops. Whilst I understand that this road is full of commercial properties, the tanning shop alongside me seem to do all their building work AFTER the business stops trading for the night (at 9pm, and beyond). It’s one thing that between 9am and 9pm they have a music playing at a volume that’s meant to be heard over already noisy sunbeds, with all the speakers attached to the opposite side of my wall (like I said, I understand they have a business to run) but tonight at 9pm, 2 builders entered the premises and started hammering loudly. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and left it until 10pm before knocking on the shop door and asking them what they were doing. They told me that they were knocking down a wall and replacing sunbeds. They stressed that any further queries be made to the owner. I approahed him and immediately he assumed that the staff had left the music on again (something which has happened a few times in the past, of which I’d had to endure throughout many nights) but when I told him it was about the hammering, he point-blankly stated “It has to be done” When I questioned why this couldn’t have been done during business hours, he said (quote) “You live over business properties, you’ve got to expect this” When I protested that I have must surely have a right to sleep in peace. He said there’s nothing could be done about it. I informed him I would be reporting the matter to you, which led to him saying “Report me….See if I care” and accusing me of being bad tempered, before he launched in a foul-mouthed rant, telling me (quote) “To f**king keep out of his f**king property” and “f**king keep out of his f**king shop” or that he’ll “f**king report me” (despite the fact that if they didn’t make noise, I’d have no reason to enter either establishment). He rounded it off with some more swearing.

There are two issues here:

1. The Music in Business Hours
Measures may be taken by the business to resolve this issue. For example, changing speaker mountings and positions, improving the sound insulation quality between the properties, integrated sunbed/speaker solutions etc. One would have to look at whether they have reasonable measures in place or not first. Your local authority can investigate this and he will need to cooperate with them.

2. Building Works
Some leeway is provided to businesses conducting works of short duration outside business hours for practical purposes. The question is where to strike the balance. If works carry on regularly then it could be suggested that they close the business and concentrate on finishing the works in a shorter period (most people are happy to put up with a shop refit, for example, if they know it will only last a couple of days/nights and will not be expected to happen again for 5 years). In short then, it depends how often minor works are happening. If it is regularly then, again, you can contact your local authority.