Loud music from social housing

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Six weeks ago I moved into a flat in one of two new builds. Opposite, are some social housing flats. The tenant in one of the top floor flats plays very loud music with a thumping bass beat, almost all the time. Usually starting after 10pm, this goes on all night, and often all the following morning. On one occasion it went on for eleven hours. The humping bass beat at a level that causes a vibration. I have reported this to the Housing Association and to Environmental Health and am keeping a noise diary. People in the front block are afraid of giving their names in case of retribution. It is a slow process. I am so sleep deprived that my physical and mental health is suffering.

You have done the right thing contacting environmental health and the housing association. Also getting other neighbours onside is also a good idea. Now persistence is the key. Keep on completing the diaries. You also need to call the authorities out to witness it early in the morning when it is at its most disturbing. Use their out-of-hours service if they have one. If not insist on a few appointments – they need to arrange a time to come and see you on a number of occasions if necessary. Do the same with the housing association – they are a public authority have a duty to protect your human rights and react to nuisance from their tenants. They also have powers to act against anti-social tenants.