How long to keep log sheets?

I am having a problem with constant barking from a near by neighbours dog. I have now completed 3 weeks of diary sheets. How long do I need to carry on for and who do I return the sheet to?

Send the diary sheets to your local authority environmental health department. Request that they come and witness it asap. If it is that frequent they should be able to do it the same week. They may wish to visit a couple of times. Carry on completing your logs for as long as the noise is a problem (even after they intervene). As soon as they witness it request that they serve a notice.

Diary sheets/logs need not be completed for continuing (constant) sounds (such as machinery, ventilation/extraction or alarms). Where the noise occurs at certain times or intermitently, the logs will establish a pattern, back-up your claims and show that the problem is an ongoing state of affairs.