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I live next to a sports ground where they have amplified music and extended musical festivals. The noise is intolerable. Our local council monitor the music noise However they say that it is within the maximum limit of 65 decibels.

Obtain a copy of the premises licence and any planning permissions. These will provide you with some knowledge of where you currently stand. Music that affects the neighbourhood as a whole may be addressed through the licencing process. I would suggest discussing with the licensing and environmental health officers before submitting a review. Review applications need to be supported by evidence. Early discussion and negatiation can prove effective if all parties can compromise and agree conditions. As with most events reducing the times of operation and number of performance days is the best way to strike a balance between noise and cultural interests. This is often considered through the planning process – so worth checking this out too.

It is normal practice to apply an equivalent sound measure over time. They are probably applying the old “Pop Code” limit. This was designed for a small number of events of short duration and is not really risk based. Try looking at this document – it outlines an alternative approach.