Issues with victorian conversion

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I live in a Victorian house that has been converted into flats. The people in the flat above installed wooden flooring throughout which is causing problems. I am a owner occupier and the flat that is rented out. I have brought the issue to the attention of the owners but they do not agree that there is a problem.

If the conversion took place some time ago, and did not meet building standards, there may be potential redress through the freeholder. It is unlikely that the Council can assist unless they are able to determine that the issue consistutes a housing hazard (contact the private sector housing team – they assess the problem under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System ). Keep in contact with the leasholders and press for a solution. Offer mediation and try to compromise on possible remedies. Conduct correspondence in writing or email. Ultimately, you may need to be prepared to take private action if the risk associated with the noise is not high enough.