General domestic noise at night

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Neighbours moved into the house next door. They fight, scream, play loud music and their children run up and down until 1:30am. The banging and hitting is frequent at night. I tried talking to them and explaining how loud they were but it hasn’t done any good. Its really affecting me and my son who is 7 years old because he can’t sleep at night.

The problem you are suffering from is definitely something that may be dealt with; either through the statutory nuisance route or anti-social behaviour powers – complain to the environmental health team of your local authority. Look on their website as they may also run an out of hours service that will respond at night (they often work on Saturday nights for example). If they have a social landlord (Council or Housing Association) you should also complain to them – they have a duty to protect your rights too. If it is happening most nights they will be able to take action within a matter of weeks. Be persistent and complete thorough diary sheets. A noise monitoring device may help prioritise your case.