Gardening and chainsaw use

We have neighbours who operate a gardening business. Every weekend, for hours at a time on both Saturday and Sunday, they appear to be sawing logs with a chainsaw, sometimes two chainsaws at a time. This has sometimes started at 9 on a Sunday morning and continued ’til 9.30 in the evening. We can hear it through our double glazing and over the sound of our television.

This is pretty unreasonable. If you are not keen on the idea of approaching them you can contact the local authority. There are two key departments that you would need to contact; the planning and environmental health teams. The planning department may be able to stop or restrict business activity on residential land. Whereas the environmental health officers have a duty to investigate nuisance and serve notices. Ultimately, they may need to see you and witness the noise. If you can, try speaking to them first and request that they complete the use of power tools onsite (on the job) rather than at their home.