Expanding business – more vehicles

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We live in a little cottage in the country next to a small woodyard. This year the woodyard has expanded into a large, extremely noisy industrial site. There is a constant stream of HGV’s, trucks, delivery vehicles, skip trucks and cars up and down our small lane damaging hedgerows. The noise from the site has increased dramatically. The Council seem more interested in the business.

Following through with the Council before considering private action yourselves. Write or email each of the following parties separately:

  1. The Env Health department. Request some written feedback detailing progress on their investigation and ask them to outline any steps that you need to take to help in the process.
  2. The Planning department. Find out whether there are any planning restrictions relating to the site. Outline the situation and enquire as to what land use category the business is categorised as and whether there are any conditions attached to it.
  3. The Highways department. Describe the situation relating to the HGV traffic and damage. Ask them for their assistance and opinion.
  4. Your local ward Councillors. Invite them over to view and discuss all of the issues. Ask them for their help.

Continue to maintain a detailed log of disturbance and damage (along with supporting evidence). This is essential.