DIY noise and sensitivity

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How do you deal with super noise sensitive, unreasonable neighbours who will complain about every little DIY noise you make, even though they have been informed of what you are doing, by letter and by going round and talking to them? How do you deal with unreasonable neighbours who have you so paranoid and stressed because of their complaints? You live in fear that any little noise you make will have the council beating down your door to fine you because of their lack of understanding or empathy? How do you get permission to work slightly longer than the short time you are allowed to do diy work on a Saturday (08:00 – 13:00)? I stick to the hours but then I hear other neighbours drilling, hammering etc after this time and either they get away with it, or as has happened, the noise gets blamed on me? I understand the noise rules and I am glad they are around but they do seem to be very one sided when it comes to allowing a person to try and get their home into order as soon as possible. What would you advise I do please.

Noise must be both excessive and unreasonable to be considered a statutory nuisance. The investigators will look at frequency and length of occurence as well as level of intrusion. They come accross overly sensitive complainants regularly so should be used to the situation you describe. They still have a duty to investigate though.

Reasonable levels of DIY are acceptable. House refurbishments are also acceptable. However, the latter are normally be carried out over a shorter period where professionals work set hours in the week (and the duration of the works are restricted and people are inclined to accept it as there is an end in sight). If you are carrying out a substantial renovation but restricting working hours to the evenings and weekend you may have a problem if they continue for months on end.