Community building

I would like to object to a planning application that was submitted in relation to an “art venue” that now operates as more of a night club. Local residents are supportive of the arts but the noise from within and the overspill of external noise (from revellers leaving or smoking/drinking outside) impacts on us.

You can usually object to the planning application online or by email but consider also writing a letter. The sooner the better. Also, make a noise complaint to the environmental health service about the existing situation. Log the disturbances. Get support from other neighbours and encourage them to forward their views too. Reference the proposed changes and conditions (examine the application first). Outline the exisiting problems.

Reference the Council’s own policy documents and strategic objectives, and state which paragraphs you think the proposal conflicts with. Also try to gain the support of your local ward Councillor and invite them over to witness the problem from your perspective.