Car repairs early morning

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A car repair garage has suddenly been creating more noise next door to our flats. They have been open for 3 years. My partner and I have been woken up every day during summer by intermittent machinery noise. This continues throughout the day. My partner works from home so it is proving particularly annoying/distressing for him. It isn’t an issue in the cold months.

I would not expect noisy works to take place before 8am in this business. A certain amount of noise is to be expected. However, they must take reasonable measures to reduce the levels of noise experienced. This could well include working inside or restricting certain types of equipment to limited hours, for example. Your local EHO should look into this for you. The fact that your partner works from home will probably not make much difference – other than the fact that he will be subject to the noise more regularly and so will more likely be affected. You might also consider enquiring with the planning department to see if there are any planning restrictions.