Who can I go to at night?

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Our neighbours have been playing loud music from 11pm last night and it is still going now (at 6am). We have contacted the police but they advised to contact you. We have previously had issues with this neighbours music.

Your local authority are generally responsible for noise enforcement. Contact your local authority environmental health department. If it is an ongoing issue they can write to them. Look at their website and check to see if they have an out-of-hours service. Search for “noise” or “noisy neighbours” on their website. We have links on our website to find your local authority. If you can’t get them out now make a retrospective comlaint – this may help prevent any recurrence. The police have some powers to deal with anti-social behaviour so may be able to call on them if they are in the area.

However, your police service are also able to police “anti-social behaviour”. Try changing your terminology. If the local authority are not available at night you may be able to persuade the police to witness the issue.