Buskers outside my flat

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The proprietor of the cafe downstairs has decided to invite buskers to play on the pavement outside. It is amplified. It means that I cannot listen to my own music in peace or concentrate. I have spoken to the proprietor but they continue. I also spoke to the buskers today and got bad attitude. I do not believe it to be an appropriate place for public performance.

If it is a ‘one-off’ or occassional event then there is little you can do other than request you get fair warning in advance. If it is regular, and you get no joy from the cafe owner, complain to the environmental health department at your local authority. Be persistent – they have a duty to investigate. After making your complaint note times, durations, song titles, detail any responses you get etc. If the performers are on the cafe’s land (which may comprise part of the ‘pavement’) and there by invitation he may be responsible by default. Alternatively, there are anti-social behaviour powers that may help reduce impact (and these can be applied via a notice to people in public places). A few local authorities have also adopted alternative powers that allow them to deal with issues like busking on the street – ask them directly.